Yannick Cormier was born in 1975 in France. In 1999 he joined the studio Astre in Paris. During this period he worked
as an assistant for Patrick Swirc, William Klein and many others for magazines such as Vogue, Flair, Elle, Vanity Fair.
Then he began a career as a documentary photographer and his images have been published in various international
magazines (OjodePez, Courrier international, Libération, The sunday guardian, Le Nouvel Observateur, The Hindu, CNN
, etc...). In spring 2018, he moved to France, after 15 years spent in India. In 2021, he published the books Tierra Magica with Éditions Light Motiv and Dravidian Catharsis with Éditions Le Mulet.

The photographer reveals this form of resistance of cultural identity by traditional societies or smaller communities
who have not as yet been completely anaesthetised by the modern consumerist world. It is an attempt to glimpse at
the mythical attitudes of these groups. But more than myths, these images show people playing with symbols of a
culture that is at ease with its traditions and hence can be self-mocking.

His photography evokes the spiritual and the material, fiction and reality, tradition and modernity. His photographs
are living images that he discovers in travel, in social rituals, in religious ceremonies, in cultural fantasies, in personal
dreams and more generally in all the games, sacred or ordinary, that distorts identity and appearance.


(+33) 0695867248 -
L'Oustal, lieu-dit Canteranne - 24220 Castels et Bézenac, France. 


• 2013 : Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlist for his series Masquerade for the Gods II.
• 2012 : Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlist for his series Masquerade for the Gods.


2022 : ‘Tierra Magica’ Musée de la photographie Nicéphore Niépce, France.

2021 : ‘Tierra Magica’ Ruins (La fondation de La Maison Demeure ), France.

2021 : ‘Tierra Magica’ Maison des Cultures du Monde, Vitré, France.

2020 : ‘Espiritus de invierno’ La Ligne Bleue art gallery, Carsac-Aillac, France.
2020 : ‘Dravidian Catharsis’ La Gare : Robert Doisneau, Carlux, France.
2019 : ‘Dravidian Catharsis’ Viswanadhan Atelier, Ivry-sur Seine, France.
2019 : ‘Dravidian Catharsis’ Paris Photos with Baudoin Lebon gallery , France.
2018 : ‘Theatre Land’ Festival Influences Indiennes, Beaucouzé, France.
2018 : ‘Past and Present’ Kalinka art gallery, Pondicherry, India.
2018 : ‘Mutation/Theatre Land’ curated by Rahaab Allana. Delhi, India.
2018 : ‘Theatre Land’ Cholamandal Artists Village, Chennai, India.
2017 : ‘Tamil Stories’ Kalinka art gallery, Pondicherry, India.
2016 : ‘Dravidian Catharsis’ Kalinka art gallery, Pondicherry, India.
2015 : ‘Nari Kuravar’ Alliance Française of Hyderabade, India.
2015 : ‘Ideas are like Fish’ MES56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
2015 : ‘Ideas are like Fish’ Institut Français, Yogyakarta , Indonesia.
2015 : ‘Ideas are like Fish’ Festival Foto Surabaya, Indonesia.
2015 : ‘Aravanis: In Between’ Goethe-Institut, Kolkata, India.
2015 : ‘Aravanis: In Between’ Goethe-Institut, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2014 : ‘Aravanis: In Between’ Goethe-Institut, Bangalore, India.
2014 : ‘Tribals of the Sub-continent’ Pondy Photo 2014, Pondicherry, India.
2013 : ‘Kashmir’ Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival, Thaïland.
2013 : ‘Masquerade for the Gods’ Somerset House of London, UK.
2013 : ‘The sacred name of Ram’ Pondy-ART, Pondicherry, India.
2012 : ‘Masquerade for the Gods’ Somerset House of London, UK.
2011 : ‘The image: revisited’ Ashaara gallery, Chennai, India.
2010 : ‘Trikaya Photos’, curated by Christian Caujolle, PPP Festival, Cambodia.
2009 : ‘Drops’ Alliance Française of Madras, Chennai, India.
2006 : ‘Festival of Faith’ Alliance Française of Madras, Chennai, India.
2002 : ‘Fête Nationale’ Genshagen Castel, Berlin, Germany.


2016: ‘Water’ Pondy Photo 2016, Pondicherry, India.
2016: ‘Surrealistic by Nature’ Chennai Photo Biennale, India.
2016: ‘Indonesian scene’ Chennai Photo Biennale, India.
2014: ‘Tribals of the Sub-continent’ Pondy Photo 2014, Pondicherry, India.
2011: ‘Chennai 24/7’ Thiruvanmiyur MRTS station, Chennai, India.


Departmental Contemporary Art Fund (FDAC), France. 

La Gare : Robert Doisneau, France.

Ruins Project/ La Maison Demeure, France.


• Arts Illustrated, Membrana – Magazine, Liberation, Courrier international, CNN, Foreign Policy,
Soletanche Bachy, Pix, Asian Photography, Lesage interieurs, Myntra, Tasveer journal,
Sharana Social and Development Organization, Jet Airways.


• March/Arpil 2022, La Ribambelle, France.
• February 2016, with the non-profit social enterprise Lensational, for young people
with Down syndrome. Group of 10 participants. Chennai, India.
• Every July between 2010 and 2015 with the company Traveling Lens,
'Introduction to documentary photography'. Groups of 12 to 20 participants. Ladakh,
Himalayas, India.
• May 2015, with the artist collective MES 56 'Introduction to documentary photography'.
Group of 7 participants. Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


• Between 2010 and 2018: SRM University (Chennai, India), Madras University (Chennai, India),
Goethe Institut (Chennai, India), Alliance Française de Madras (Chennai, India), Arul
Anandar University (Madurai, India), Ciputra-Surabaya University (Indonesia), Kalinka Art
Gallery (Pondicherry, India), Influences photographic festival (Beaucouzé, France).


2003/2005: Wostok press (Paris, France), member.
2007/2012: Trikaya Photos Agency (Chennai, India), director and founding member